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Production method

The creation of my products requires a close bond between the designer and the technician and I treasure the atmosphere created by this partnership during the production.
I believe that every single person involved in the process of making the Ayamé collection brings a personal touch to the socks. Another essential element for me is to visit my knitting factory in a beautiful and ancient rural place called Nara, in Japan, and to work with local people sharing a mutual understanding.

The superb craft of knitting and the carefully selected materials are important foundations in my designing process. I can then add my own personality and concepts to the mix.
Since the beginning of the brand, I have aimed to explore new knitting styles and attempted to create unique socks never seen before. Each season is another opportunity for me to present the result of new product development with a high level of craftsmanship: the Ayamé collection is the product of the team’s enthusiasm.
Made in Japan, the Ayamé collection is a synergy of delicate and detailed work at each stage of production. An amazing unity of energies. It is a beautiful collaboration of technique and creativity.

My aim is simple: to create the best product showcasing superb Japanese craftsmanship I feel truly proud of. I am sure you will be able to appreciate the perfection of our craftsmanship. Enjoy the delicacy and warmth when you wear the Ayamé collection.

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