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Designer’s view

Ayamé is the expression of my aesthetic values and feelings toward creation. These are reflected in my life.

I believe that, with a little help, everyday life can be dramatic, intriguing, inspiring and effortlessly glamourous. My background, all the elements that surround me, the people in chaotic cities, the food, all I sense in the environment reflects on who I am. These things from my everyday life inspire my thoughts and that is how the Ayamé collection is created.

The company is based in two lively cities, Tokyo and London. The headquarters, in Tokyo, are the hub of my creative production; London is the other pole. The London showroom also makes it easier for Ayamé to reach out to the rest of the world. Both cities are full of contradictions and surprises. They share some characteristics like a certain roughness together with calculated and complete sophistication. I enjoy finding such contradictions. I love to mix and match; I also love the possibility that combining contrasts can lead to something magical and unexpected. Cities where people gather with their dreams have a vibrant energy. It is just like a well woven textile with a prodigious pattern.

It is my dream for Ayamé to become a brand as vibrant and dynamic as our two metropolis.

Aya Agaoka

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